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List of Austrians: Quiz


Question 1: Edmund Husserl, philosopher (born in Prossnitz, ________)
Ottoman EmpireGerman EmpireHoly Roman EmpireAustria–Hungary

Question 2: ________, wealthy Austrian businessman and traveller.
All Saints (season 1)All Saints (TV series)List of All Saints charactersAll Saints (season 2)

Question 3: ________, film director (born in Germany, however lives and works in Austria)
Caché (film)Michael HanekeThe White RibbonThe Piano Teacher

Question 4: Niki Lauda, ________ race car driver and aviation entrepreneur
2010 Formula One season2009 Formula One seasonMichael SchumacherFormula One

Question 5: ________, socialist, economist and philosopher
Otto NeurathRudolf CarnapKarl PopperVienna Circle

Question 6: ________, physicist and philosopher (Mach number)
Ernst MachLudwig BoltzmannAlbert EinsteinPhysics

Question 7: ________, psychiatrist, (1897-1957)
Sigmund FreudAlfred AdlerOtto RankWilhelm Reich

Question 8: Carl Cori, born in Prague, ________, biochemist, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1947
Ottoman EmpireGerman EmpireHoly Roman EmpireAustria–Hungary

Question 9: Jeffrey Herbener, economist, fellow at the ________
Friedrich von HayekAnarcho-capitalismLudwig von Mises InstituteMurray Rothbard

Question 10: ________, bodybuilder, actor, became U.S.
Haley BarbourTim PawlentyDavid PatersonArnold Schwarzenegger

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