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Question 1: Lirael sees herself as an outcast within the world of the ________.
Garth NixAbhorsenSabrielOld Kingdom series

Question 2: ________ - a friend of Sameth from Ancelstierre, he doesn't believe in any sort of magic, always looking for a scientific reason for everything
LiraelAbhorsenList of characters in the Old Kingdom seriesSabriel

Question 3: Their offspring Ellimere and Sameth are currently being raised in ________ (similarly to Sabriel) before being expected to take up their duties in the Old Kingdom.
Sir ThursdayOld Kingdom seriesAbhorsenGarth Nix

Question 4: He gets into trouble on the way and ________ turns up, to his surprise and suspicion.
AbhorsenSabrielList of characters in the Old Kingdom seriesLirael

Question 5: Sabriel - the current Abhorsen, who destroyed ________ many years before with the King, the former Abhorsen, and Mogget; is also wed to Touchstone and is Queen
Old Kingdom seriesLiraelAbove the VeilList of characters in the Old Kingdom series

Question 6: ________ - an ancient Free Magic construct of unknown origin; appears in the form of a white cat and is bound by a red Charter magic collar to serve the Abhorsen
List of characters in the Old Kingdom seriesSabrielLiraelOld Kingdom series

Question 7: She also summons the ________, whom she befriends and who helps her in her explorations.
LiraelAbhorsenSabrielList of characters in the Old Kingdom series

Question 8: ________ - an ancient necromancer who Sabriel defeats early in Lirael, but is raised again by Hedge to become one of the Greater Dead Adept
Above the VeilList of characters in the Old Kingdom seriesOld Kingdom seriesAbhorsen

Question 9: Named for its central female character, Lirael is the second in his ________, preceded by Sabriel and continued in Abhorsen.
Old Kingdom seriesGarth NixThe Keys to the KingdomSir Thursday

Question 10: The novel is more soul-searching than its predecessor ________, and the major theme is that society does not have to dictate the outcome of one's future.
AbhorsenLiraelShade's ChildrenSabriel

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