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Liquid oxygen: Quiz


Question 1: LOX has a pale blue color and is strongly ________ and can be suspended between the poles of a powerful horseshoe magnet.
FerromagnetismFerrimagnetismMagnetic fieldParamagnetism

Question 2: LOX is useful in this role because it creates a high ________.
Rocket engineSpacecraft propulsionJet engineSpecific impulse

Question 3: ________ often exhibit this behavior, including asphalt.
PetrochemicalEthylenePolycarbonateChemical industry

Question 4: LOX is a common liquid oxidizer propellant for spacecraft rocket applications, usually in combination with liquid hydrogen or ________.

Question 5: By 1845, ________ had managed to liquefy most permanent gases then known to exist.
Michael FaradayCharles-Augustin de CoulombWilliam Thomson, 1st Baron KelvinJ. J. Thomson

Question 6: Liquid oxygen is obtained from the oxygen found naturally in ________ by fractional distillation.
NatureHistory of the EarthAtmosphere of EarthEarth

Question 7: The tetraoxygen molecule (O4) was first predicted in 1924 by ________, who proposed it as an explanation for the failure of liquid oxygen to obey Curie's law.
Glenn T. SeaborgLinus PaulingElectronGilbert N. Lewis

Question 8: Many modern rockets use LOX, including the main engines on the ________.
Space ShuttleAres IApollo programAres V

Question 9: Liquid oxygen — abbreviated LOx, LOX or Lox in the ________, submarine and gas industries — is one of the physical forms of elemental oxygen.
Aerospace engineeringNuclear technologyBiotechnologyAerospace


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