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Question 1: [3] Since oxygen becomes a ________ only below −222°C consumption of actual liquid oxygen would be highly ill-advised.
ColloidSupercritical fluidSolidLiquid

Question 2: The ________ has prosecuted purveyors of such products for making "blatantly false and unsubstantiated health claims".
Clayton Antitrust ActCompetition lawFederal Trade CommissionCompetition regulator

Question 3: The product claims to have an effect through increasing the amount of oxygen in the body but this is unnecessary as oxygen is absorbed by the lungs via ________.
BreathingRespiratory systemHemoglobinHypoxia (medical)

Question 4: Airlines including Continental and EasyJet have sold this product on board their planes despite the fact that hydrogen peroxide was believed to be a key ingredient in the ________.
7 July 2005 London bombings2006 transatlantic aircraft plot security reactionAl-Qaeda2006 transatlantic aircraft plot

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