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Question 1: According to the 2001 Census of ________, 17.5% of Indian households or 33.6 million Indian households used LPG as cooking fuel in 2001.
Research and Analysis WingIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementLok SabhaIndia

Question 2: A small stone scraping back and forth across the epoxy-painted hull can jeopardise the waterproofing and be the cause for ________.

Question 3: LPG has a typical specific ________ of 46.1 MJ/kg compared with 42.5 MJ/kg for diesel and 43.5 MJ/kg for premium grade petrol (gasoline).
MethaneCoalHeat of combustionPropane

Question 4: Increase in LPG prices has been a politically sensitive matter in India as it potentially affects the urban ________ voting pattern.
Working classSocial classUpper classMiddle class

Question 5: LPG has a lower energy density than either petrol or diesel, so the equivalent ________ is higher.
Internal combustion engineFuel efficiencyAlternative fuel vehicleGasoline

Question 6: LPG was once a popular cooking fuel in ________; however, the continued expansion of town gas to buildings has reduced LPG usage to less than 24% of residential units.
Hong KongPhilippinesMacauUnited States

Question 7: This operational motion makes the burial option less attractive in the long run because it is difficult to detect mechanical damage to the outer waterproofing of the vessel through ________.
LandslideClaySoilWater well

Question 8: LPG is heavier than ________, and thus will flow along floors and tend to settle in low spots, such as basements.
History of the EarthNatureAtmosphere of EarthEarth

Question 9: Due to the destructive nature of LPG explosions, the substance is classified as a ________.
NitrogenDangerous goodsNFPA 704Chlorine

Question 10: The remedy is to equip such containers with a measure to provide a ________.
Fire testFirestopFire-resistance ratingPassive fire protection


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