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Lipogram: Quiz


Question 1: Perec was a member of ________, a group of French authors who adopted a variety of constraints in their work.
Art NouveauOulipoAvant-gardeNoise (music)

Question 2: a copula ban touted as ________
American EnglishAfrican American Vernacular EnglishEnglish languageE-Prime

Question 3: Indeed, he was motivated to write Gadsby by an earlier four-stanza lipogrammatic ________ of another author.
Lyric poetryLiteratureNovelPoetry

Question 4: Also, late in the text, the author begins using letters serving as ________ for the omitted letters (i.e.
HomographHomonymHeterography and homographyPolysemy

Question 5: ________ contemporary author Sergei Dovlatov does not use two words that start with the same letter in a single sentence.<--Dates?-->
Russian diasporaUkraineRussian cultureRussians

Question 6: Interest in lipograms was rekindled by ________'s novel La Disparition (1969), openly inspired on Wright's Gadsby, and its English translation A Void by Gilbert Adair.
OulipoFrench literatureRaymond QueneauGeorges Perec

Question 7: "________", which omits "S."
ESPNThe quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dogAlphabetETAOIN SHRDLU

Question 8: Writing a lipogram is a trivial task for uncommon letters like "Z", "________", or "X", but it is much more difficult for common letters like "E", "T" or "A".
Latin alphabetQYJ

Question 9: Zanzō ni Kuchibeni o (1989) by Yasutaka Tsutsui is a lipogrammatic novel in ________.
Late Middle JapaneseOld JapaneseJapanese languageKanji

Question 10: In ________ a form of lipogram was developed out of necessity at the Linköping University.

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