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Question 1: According to some estimates, by 1591 there were about 200,000 Lipka Tatars living in the ________ and about 400 mosques serving them.
Early Middle AgesPolandHigh Middle AgesPolish–Lithuanian Commonwealth

Question 2: There was a subsequent wave of Tatar immigrants from Russia after the ________ in 1917, although these consisted mostly of political and national activists.
October RevolutionRussian Civil WarRussian Provisional GovernmentVladimir Lenin

Question 3: At the start of the battle, Jalal ad-Din led the Lipka Tatar and Lithuanian light cavalry on a suicide charge against the Teutonic Knights' artillery positions - the original "________".
Charge of the Light Brigade11th HussarsBattle of BalaclavaCrimean War

Question 4: These areas comprise present-day Lithuania, ________ and Poland.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaSerbiaBelarusAzerbaijan

Question 5: 1939: With the re-emergence of the Polish state after the ________, a Polish Tatar regiment was re-established in the Polish Army which was distinguished by its own uniforms and banners.
Western Front (World War I)Armenian GenocideCaucasus CampaignWorld War I

Question 6: 1919 The Polish Lipkas joined the newly created ________ formations; Pułk Jazdy Tatarskiej pl:Pułk Jazdy Tatarskiej and later, 13 Pułk Ułanów Wileńskich pl:13 Pułk Ułanów Wileńskich.
Polish Land ForcesPolish Armed ForcesPolandKTO Rosomak

Question 7: Beginning in the late 18th and throughout the 19th century the Lipkas became successively more and more ________.

Question 8: ________ - Polish artist whose family is of distant Tatar origin.
WarsawLondonPolandMagdalena Abakanowicz

Question 9: The White Horde occupied the southern Siberian steppe from the east of the Urals and the ________ to Mongolia.
Issyk KulArctic OceanAral SeaCaspian Sea

Question 10: After the ________, the Lipkas played their part in the various national uprisings, and also served alongside the Poles in the Napoleonic army.
First Partition of PolandPartitions of PolandPrussiaPolish–Lithuanian Commonwealth


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