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Lipid bilayer: Quiz


Question 1: [28] The sensitivity of this system is such that even the activity of single ________ can be resolved.
Ion channelSodium channelLigand-gated ion channelPotassium channel

Question 2: This barrier takes the form of a lipid bilayer in all known life forms except for a few species of ________ which utilize a specially adapted lipid monolayer.

Question 3: This ________ exchange allows lipid to diffuse and thus wander across the surface of the membrane.
MathematicsGroup (mathematics)Group theoryRandom walk

Question 4: The bilayer can adopt a solid ________ phase state at lower temperatures but undergo phase transition to a fluid state at higher temperatures.
Gel (disambiguation)ColloidGelSilicone

Question 5: A classic example of this is ________-triggered phagocytosis.
DipalmitoylphosphatidylcholinePlatelet-activating factorPhosphatidic acidPhosphatidylserine

Question 6: [58] The resulting “hybridoma” from this combination expresses a desired ________ as determined by the B-cell involved, but is immortalized due to the melanoma component.
AutoantibodyImmune systemAntibodyAdaptive immune system

Question 7: The lipid bilayer is a thin membrane made of two layers of ________ molecules.

Question 8: The ________ virus evades the immune system in part by grafting these proteins from the host membrane onto its own surface.
AIDSSafe sexHIV and AIDS misconceptionsHIV

Question 9: One particularly important component of many mixed phase systems is ________, which modulates bilayer permeability, mechanical strength and biochemical interactions.
CholesterolAtherosclerosisLow-density lipoproteinTrans fat

Question 10: Natural bilayers are usually made mostly of phospholipids, which have a hydrophilic head and two ________ tails.
SuperhydrophobeHydrophileHydrophobeChemical polarity


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