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Question 1: Shortly afterwards she became ________ of the 1st BCS, under the command of Rear Admiral Osmond Brock.
FlagshipPublic Broadcasting ServiceCBSFlagship station

Question 2: After the East Asia Squadron was sunk at the ________ by the battlecruisers Invincible and Inflexible in December 1914 she rejoined the 1st Battlecruiser Squadron (BCS).
Scharnhorst class armored cruiserBattle of CoronelBattle of the Falkland IslandsU-boat Campaign (World War I)

Question 3: [16] ________ AA guns on high-angle MkII mounts were also used.
BL 4 inch naval gun Mk VIIQF 3 inch 20 cwtQF 4 inch Mk V naval gunQF 2 pounder naval gun

Question 4: They carried 3,500 long tons (3,600 t) of coal, and an additional 1,135 long tons (1,153 t) of ________ that was to be sprayed on the coal to increase its burn rate.
HorsepowerFuel oilISO/IEC 15693C Sharp (programming language)

Question 5: [51][52] ________ Major Francis Harvey, the mortally wounded turret commander, was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for having ordered the magazine flooded.
Royal MarinesBritish ArmyRoyal Navy3 Commando Brigade

Question 6: Lion served as the flagship of the Grand Fleet's battlecruisers throughout ________, except when she was being refitted or under repair.
World War IArmenian GenocideCaucasus CampaignWestern Front (World War I)

Question 7: [22] Lion received her system in early 1915 while undergoing repairs after the ________[23] and Princess Royal got hers in early 1916.
Raid on Scarborough, Hartlepool and WhitbyBattle of JutlandBattle of Dogger Bank (1915)Battle of Heligoland Bight

Question 8: They had a ________ of 6 feet (1.8 m) at deep load.
Metacentric heightBuoyancyInclining testHull (watercraft)

Question 9: Lion's first action was as flagship of the battlecruiser force under the command of Admiral Beatty during the ________ on 28 August 1914.
Raid on Scarborough, Hartlepool and WhitbyBattle of JutlandBattle of Heligoland BightRaid on Yarmouth

Question 10: Both ships spent the rest of the war on uneventful patrols in the ________, although they did provide distant cover during Second Battle of Heligoland Bight in 1917.
English ChannelBaltic SeaNorth SeaAtlantic Ocean


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