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  • the annual Pflasterspektakel ('pavement spectacle') in Linz, Austria, features over 400 international street artists and attracts some 200,000 visitors each year?

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Question 1:
Who is the mayor of Linz?
M. Henri Briotet
Franz Dobusch
Yvette Delclaux
Ru00E9my Levallois

Question 2:
What is the area code of Linz?
0732, 070

Question 3: Notorious Holocaust architect ________ also spent his youth in Linz.
John DemjanjukAdolf EichmannAlois BrunnerWalter Rauff

Question 4:
What district number does Linz represent?
Independent School District #535
Statutory city

Question 5:
What is the postcode of Linz?
4010, 402x, 4030, 404x

Question 6:
What state is Linz associated with?

Question 7:
How many metres above sea level is Linz?
2,037 m
2,831 m

Question 8: In the middle of this square the high "Pestsäule" ("plague column", also known as "Dreifaltigkeitssäule" (Dreifaltigkeit means ________)) was built to remember the people who died in the plague epidemics.
ChristologyTrinityBiblical canonGod in Christianity

Question 9: The Brucknerhaus, the most important concert hall in Linz is named after ________.
Wilhelm FurtwänglerSymphony No. 8 (Bruckner)Symphony No. 4 (Bruckner)Anton Bruckner

Question 10: Being the city where the Habsburg ________ Friedrich III spent his last years, it was, for a short period of time, the most important city in the empire.
PrinceMonarchByzantine EmpireEmperor

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