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Linux Magazine: Quiz


Question 1: It is published in English and every issue includes a ________, usually featuring a recent version of some Linux distribution.
Blu-ray DiscLaserdiscHD DVDDVD

Question 2: It addresses itself to readers who work professionally with the ________ operating system.
OpenSolarisSCO-Linux controversiesGNULinux

Question 3: The website keeps a comprehensive archive of back issues, with content more than 6 months old available as a free download in ________ format.
HTMLOffice Open XMLPortable Document FormatOpenDocument

Question 4:
Recently Polish, Romanian, ________ and Spanish versions were introduced.
Brazilian PortuguesePortuguese dialectsPortuguese languageAngolan Portuguese

Question 5: Linux Magazine is also published in German, Polish, Romanian, ________ and Spanish.
Angolan PortugueseBrazilian PortuguesePortuguese dialectsPortuguese language


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