Linux: Quiz


Question 1: ________ are integrated directly with the kernel.
Operating systemOS/2InterruptDevice driver

Question 2: The two most popular such environments are ________ and KDE, both of which are mature and support a wide variety of languages.
GNOMEEnlightenment (window manager)LXDEXfce

Question 3: Furthermore, some distributions deliberately include only ________.
LinuxProprietary softwareFree softwareOpen-source software

Question 4: [46] Some of the major corporations that contribute include ________, IBM, HP, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Novell, Nokia.
MicrosoftIntel CorporationApple Inc.Dell

Question 5: Most distributions and free software / open source projects have ________ chatrooms or newsgroups.
Pidgin (software)Internet Relay ChatMiranda IMOpera (web browser)

Question 6:
What format does Linux follow?

Question 7: [68] Furthermore, Linux is used in the leading ________ control system, FlyingPig/HighEnd WholeHogIII Console.
Lighting designerStage lightingStage lighting instrumentIntelligent lighting

Question 8: In December 2009, computer giant ________ reported that it would predominantly market and sell mainframe-based Enterprise Linux Server.
IBMIntel CorporationGeneral ElectricHewlett-Packard

Question 9: ________ have become increasingly popular on mainframes in the last decade due to pricing, compared to other mainframe operating systems.
Desktop LinuxLinux adoptionLinux distributionLive USB

Question 10:
Which of the following titles did Linux have?
Liviu's Dream
How Linus Torvalds pronounces Linux
9th At Pine
Gainesville Rock City

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