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Question 1:
Where was Linus Pauling born?
Portland, Oregon, USA
La Grande, Oregon
Portland, Jamaica
West Stayton, , Oregon

Question 2: Pauling introduced the concept of ________ in 1932.
Periodic tableNoble gasElectronegativityHalogen

Question 3: [29] He decided to focus his research on how the physical and chemical properties of substances are related to the structure of the atoms of which they are composed, becoming one of the founders of the new science of ________.
Inorganic chemistryQuantum mechanicsTheoretical chemistryQuantum chemistry

Question 4:
Where does Linus Pauling live?
United States
Lampertheim, Germany
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Question 5:

Question 6:
What is the nationality of Linus Pauling?
American/ Comanche

Question 7: After returning, he built an ________ instrument at Caltech with a student of his, L.
Wave–particle dualityTransmission electron microscopyHolographyElectron diffraction

Question 8: 1984 Priestley Medal, ________
American Chemical SocietyCharles HertyGlenn T. SeaborgLinus Pauling

Question 9: [67] The selective toxicity of vitamin C for cancer cells has been demonstrated in-vitro (i.e., in a ________ Petri dish), and was reported in 2005.
BloodCell cultureDNAVirology

Question 10: Pauling coined the term "________" to refer to the practice of varying the concentration of substances normally present in the body to prevent and treat disease.
Orthomolecular medicineVitaminHomeopathyHerbalism


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