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Linseed oil: Quiz


Question 1: Rags soaked with linseed oil stored in a pile are considered a fire hazard because they provide a large surface area for ________ of the oil, and the oil oxidizes quickly.

Question 2: The hydrophobic nature of this ________-based material is advantageous.

Question 3: Linseed oil is used to bind wood dust, cork particles, and other materials in the manufacture of the floor covering ________, invented and patented in 1860 by Frederick Walton.

Question 4:
Linseed oil, Petroleum and Oil are all:
Wood finishing materials Dietary supplements Art materials Oils

Question 5: Linseed oil is a mixture of various ________ that differ in terms of their fatty acid constituents.

Question 6:
Linseed oil, Calcium and Folic acid are all:
Art materials Dietary supplements Oils Wood finishing materials

Question 7: There are some products available that contain only heat-treated linseed oil, without exposure to ________.

Question 8: [6] However, recent well-controlled ________ studies suggest that regular consumption of flaxseed oil may not reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, or cancer any greater than placebo.
NoceboAntidepressantPlaceboPharmaceutical drug

Question 9: The triply unsaturated ________ α-linolenic acid (51.9-55.2%).
Omega-3 fatty acidMood disorderAntidepressantBupropion

Question 10: Linseed oil is a common carrier used in ________.
Castor oilOil paintPigmentOil painting


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