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Question 1: In ________, a linked list is a data structure that consists of a sequence of data records such that in each record there is a field that contains a reference (i.e., a link) to the next record in the sequence.
Computer scienceSoftware engineeringComputer programmingProgramming paradigm

Question 2: A ________ can be seen as a type of linked list where the elements are themselves linked lists of the same nature.
Binary treeTree (data structure)Binary tree (data structure)B-tree

Question 3: Another disadvantage of linked lists is the extra storage needed for references, which often makes them impractical for lists of small data items such as characters or ________.
First-class functionPointer (computing)Associative arrayBoolean data type

Question 4: Sequential access on arrays and dynamic arrays is also faster than on linked lists on many machines, because they have optimal ________ and thus make good use of data caching.
Computer data storageProgram optimizationCacheLocality of reference

Question 5: For example, one can build a red-black tree or ________ whose elements are references to the linked list nodes.
Hash tableB-treeAssociative arrayBinary search tree

Question 6: In languages that support ________ or templates, linked list ADTs or templates are available for building linked lists.
List (computing)Abstract data typeAssociative arrayObject (computer science)

Question 7: A ________ may use linked lists to store the chains of items that hash to the same position in the hash table.
Hash tableB-treeBinary search treeAssociative array

Question 8: A ________ is a data structure that allocates all elements contiguously in memory, and keeps a count of the current number of elements.
Dynamic arrayDouble-ended queueArray data structureLinked list

Question 9: The linked list is relocatable, meaning it can be moved about in memory at will, and it can also be quickly and directly ________ for storage on disk or transfer over a network.
Java (programming language)SerializationPerlObject-oriented programming

Question 10: The ________ is a linked list augmented with layers of pointers for quickly jumping over large numbers of elements, and then descending to the next layer.
Bloom filterRandom binary treeTreapSkip list


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