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Question 1: ________ recommend that webmasters request relevant links to their sites (conduct a link campaign), but avoid participating in link farms.
Social searchWide area information serverWeb search engineWeb crawler

Question 2: According to Google, a site that participates in a link farm may have its ________ penalized.
AdSenseGoogle bombPageRankGoogle search

Question 3: ________, then the most popular search service, also used Inktomi results to supplement its directory search feature.
GoogleIntel CorporationYahoo!Microsoft

Question 4: A link farm is a form of spamming the index of a ________ (sometimes called spamdexing or spamexing).
Social searchWeb crawlerWeb search engineWide area information server

Question 5: Rather than simply count all inbound links equally, the ________ algorithm determines that some links may be more valuable than others, and therefore assigns them more weight than others.
AdSenseGoogle bombPageRankGoogle search

Question 6: Link farms were developed by ________ in 1999 to take advantage of the Inktomi search engine's dependence upon link popularity.
Geo targetingMeta elementSearch engine optimizationRobots exclusion standard

Question 7: When the ________ search engine became popular, search engine optimizers learned that Google's ranking algorithm depended in part on a link weighting scheme called PageRank.
Android (operating system)Google VariationsGoogleGoogle Latitude

Question 8: On the ________, a link farm is any group of web sites that all hyperlink to every other site in the group.
HTMLInternetNetscapeWorld Wide Web

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