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Linguistic issues concerning the euro: Quiz


Question 1: Broadcasts of currency exchange rates outside of the European Union tend to use the plural in -s, with NPR in the United States and CBC in ________ being two examples.
CanadaBarbadosBelizeUnited Kingdom

Question 2: This one is used by some Hebrew newspapers, most notably by ________, and is more widespread in speech.
B'ShevaYedioth AhronothHaaretzThe Jerusalem Post

Question 3: In the eastern part of ________ the word Eumeln (meaning "twerps", also plural-only) is occasionally used.
PolandCzech RepublicAustriaHungary

Question 4: The word euro is included in the 2002 version of Retskrivningsordbogen,[13] which is the authoritative source for the ________ (according to Danish law).
German languageSwedish languageEnglish languageDanish language

Question 5: In laws and regulations, though, the word ‘evro’ is replaced with the word ‘euro’ in all grammatical cases in accordance with an agreement between Slovenia and the ________.
DenmarkGermanyEuropean ParliamentEuropean Union

Question 6: Long-standing plurals in -s for currencies that have singular forms ending in -o, like ________ and escudos, are relevant when considering the plural of the euro currency.
Mexican pesoArgentine pesoPesoSpanish dollar

Question 7: In Eastern Catalan, the official pronunciation of "euro" is [ˈɛwɾu] in Catalonia, and [ˈɛwɾo] in the ________; however, some people pronounce it [ˈewɾo], as in Valencian.
HispaniaLusitaniaPontusBalearic Islands

Question 8: Initial letter C is often used in ________ and corresponds to various pronunciations depending on the language of origin (e.g.
LoanwordGerman languageFrench languageEnglish language

Question 9: Slang terms: In ________, slang terms that were previously applied to guilder coinage and banknotes are sometimes applied to euro currency.

Question 10: Slang terms: In ________, a slang word for euro is ege.
FinlandSwedish languageHelsinki slangGerman language


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