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Linguistic history of India: Quiz


Question 1: At present, a committee of scholars have approved a ________ tag for Telugu based on its antiquity.
Classical antiquityClassical languageDiglossiaLiterary language

Question 2: This was the period when several Telugu families migrated from ________ and settled down in Thanjavur and Madurai.
Hyderabad, IndiaMaharashtraAndhra PradeshTelangana

Question 3: In the current decade the Telugu language, like other Indian languages, has undergone ________ due to the increasing settlement of Telugu-speaking people abroad.
World Trade OrganizationASEANInternational Monetary FundGlobalization

Question 4: [9][10][11][12][13] The spoken language is said to have separated from its proto-Dravidian source earlier than Tamil and about the same time as ________.
MalayalamTamil languageTelugu languageTulu language

Question 5: The earliest dated Telugu inscription from coastal ________ comes from about 633 CE.
Andhra PradeshMaharashtraTelanganaHyderabad, India

Question 6: The Gupta script was used for writing Sanskrit and is associated with the ________ of India which was a period of material prosperity and great religious and scientific developments.
Gupta EmpirePala EmpireChola DynastyHarsha

Question 7: Rhys Davids suggests that writing may have been introduced to India from the ________ by traders.
Western AsiaIranMiddle EastAsia

Question 8: Sri Syama Sastri, the oldest of the trinity, was taught Telugu and Sanskrit by his father, who was the pujari (Hindu priest) at the Meenakshi ________ in Madurai.
TempleTemple (Latter Day Saints)Joseph Smith, Jr.Judaism

Question 9: Most great composers of ________ belonged to these families.
DhenukaDheerasankarabharanamBhupalamCarnatic music

Question 10: The publication of the Dravidian etymological dictionary by T. Burrow and M. B. Emeneau was a landmark event in Dravidian ________.


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