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Question 1: In 1880, most deaf schools (where sign languages are transmitted from children from deaf families to the children from non-signing hearing families) had adopted ________, an educational philosophy which prohibits the use of sign languages in favor of spoken language.
Gallaudet UniversityManualism and oralismAmerican Sign LanguageClarke School for the Deaf

Question 2: Unfortunately, even today, many first-world nations retain ________ educational philosophies and attitudes.
Manualism and oralismSign languageAmerican Sign LanguageGallaudet University

Question 3: As a form of prejudice, linguicism is often more subconscious than other forms, possibly because not much attention has been raised about it; it is not a cultural ________ as racism and sexism are today.

Question 4: In the scientific community, for example, those who evaluated a text in two language versions, English and the national ________, rated the English-language version as being of higher scientific content.
Germanic languagesWest Germanic languagesOld NorseNorth Germanic languages

Question 5: The ________ operates a great deal using written language.
E-mailWorld Wide WebInternetInternet Relay Chat

Question 6: It may also involve a person's ability or inability to use one language instead of another; for example, one who speaks Japanese in ________ will probably be treated differently from one who speaks French.
United KingdomFranceItalyCanada

Question 7: However, if the same person has a diluted accent or no noticeable accent at all and can use a myriad of words in complex sentences, they are likely to be perceived as more successful, better educated, and a legitimate ________.
CitizenshipHonorary Canadian citizenshipAncient GreeceLaw

Question 8: ________ (AAVE) is often perceived by members of mainstream American society as indicative of low intelligence or limited education.
English languageSouthern American EnglishAmerican EnglishAfrican American Vernacular English

Question 9: Parts of language which may go into this consideration are accents, the size of vocabulary (whether the person uses complex and varied words), and ________.
GrammarSyntaxGenerative grammarMorphology (linguistics)

Question 10: Broadly defined, it involves an individual making judgments about another's wealth, education, social status, character, and/or other traits based on choice and use of ________.


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