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Lingua Franca Nova: Quiz


Question 1: An adjective can be made into an ________ by adding -ia. In this way bela becomes belia, meaning beauty.
Preposition and postpositionNounGerundArticle (grammar)

Question 2: ________ are ai, au, eu, and oi (as in my, cow, "eh-w," and boy).
DiphthongInternational Phonetic AlphabetRomanian phonologyPortuguese phonology

Question 3: Stefan Fisahn created a ________[3] for the language in 2005 (see below) with over 1500 pages and 25,000 edits as of January 1, 2010.
Wiki softwareCollaborative softwareWikiBlog

Question 4: There is an optional particle ta, which indicates unreality and can be used where other languages might use a conditional or ________ mood:
Subjunctive moodOptative moodIrrealis moodEvidentiality

Question 5: Plural ________ are formed by appending -s to nouns ending in vowels or -es to nouns ending in consonants.
NounArticle (grammar)AdjectivePreposition and postposition

Question 6: LFN has a small number of regular ________ that help to create new words.
AffixHalkomelem languageInflectionSimulfix

Question 7: The ________ is indicated by the particle va:
English languageFuture tenseRomance languagesGerman language

Question 8: There are a number of interrogative words that are used to introduce ________:
Interrogative moodQuestionInflectionGerman language

Question 9: Most of the ________ are pronounced as in English, except that c is always pronounced as in cat, g is always as in go, j is pronounced as in French (like the z in azure), the r is pronounced as in Spanish, and x is pronounced like sh.
ConsonantVelar consonantAlveolar consonantPalatal consonant

Question 10: C. George Boeree of Shippensburg University, ________.
North CarolinaConnecticutNew JerseyPennsylvania

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