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Question 1: The view of lingam as ________ has been debated by several scholars and philosophers.
AphroditeGreek mythologyPhallusPriapus

Question 2: In ________, Shiva divides from His Absolute state into Linga (Supreme Lord) and anga, individual soul, the two eventually reuniting in undifferentiated oneness.
KarnatakaYediyur Siddhalingeshwara Swamy TempleLingayatismKannada literature in the Vijayanagara Empire

Question 3: The text of the eight versions is given in ________.

Question 4: The ________ term लिङ्गं liṅgaṃ, transliterated as linga has many meanings, including a mark, sign or characteristic.

Question 5: The encyclopedia of ________ and religion, Buddhism, Taoism, Zen, Hinduism, Shambhala, Boston, (1994) ISBN 0-87773-980-3
MonismEarly Islamic philosophyAncient philosophyEastern philosophy

Question 6: Shivling (6543m) is also a mountain in ________ (the Garwhal region of Himalayas).

Question 7: A lingam at Amarnath in the western ________ forms every winter from ice dripping on the floor of a cave and freezing like a stalagmite.
HimalayasDeccan PlateauHindu KushWestern Ghats

Question 8: The subtle frame or body, the indestructible original of the gross or visible body (in ________ philosophy)
Hindu philosophyAdi ShankaraVedantaAdvaita Vedanta

Question 9: That hymn describes the beginningless and endless Stambha or Skambha, and states that Skambha is put in place of the eternal ________.
MonotheismĀstika and nāstikaBrahmanMysticism

Question 10: The genital organ of ________ worshipped in the form of a phallus.


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