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Linear polarization: Quiz


Question 1: is the angular frequency of the wave, and c is the ________.
Speed of lightSunPhotonOptics

Question 2: The classical sinusoidal plane wave solution of the ________ for the electric and magnetic fields is (cgs units)
ElectromagnetismMaxwell's equationsElectromagnetic wave equationOptics

Question 3: Historically, the orientation of a polarized electromagnetic wave has been defined in the optical regime by the orientation of the electric vector, and in the ________ regime, by the orientation of the magnetic vector.
Amateur radioRadioRadio broadcastingMicrowave

Question 4: In electrodynamics, linear polarization or plane polarization of electromagnetic radiation is a confinement of the ________ vector or magnetic field vector to a given plane along the direction of propagation.
Maxwell's equationsElectromagnetismLorentz forceElectric field

Question 5: is the ________ in the x-y plane.
OpticsBirefringencePolarization (waves)Jones calculus


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