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Question 1: Any conductor, be it a loop, a coil or simply a piece of plate metal, that is placed in this field will have ________ induced in it thus creating an opposing magnetic field.
ElectromagnetismElectromotive forceEddy currentMaxwell's equations

Question 2: SkyTrain in Vancouver (________ (using ITCS) opened 1985 and Millennium Line opened in 2002)
Expo LineTransLink (British Columbia)SkyTrain (Vancouver)Canada Line

Question 3: In the late 1940s, professor ________ of Imperial College in London developed the first full-size working model.
1966Eric Laithwaite19911992

Question 4: ________ in Detroit (opened 1987)
Detroit (Amtrak station)Detroit People MoverWoodward Avenue Light RailSEMCOG Commuter Rail

Question 5: Many amusement park ________ now use linear induction motors to propel the train at a high speed, as an alternative to using a lift hill.
Wooden roller coasterRoller coasterRoller coaster elementsInverted roller coaster

Question 6: ________ in New York (opened 2003)
AirTrain NewarkAirTrain JFKTransportation to New York City area airportsJamaica (LIRR station)

Question 7: ________ in Kuala Lumpur (opened 1998)
Kuala Lumpur Sentral railway stationPublic transport in Kuala LumpurKelana Jaya LineRapidKL Light Rail Transit

Question 8: They have been considered for use as weapons, since current ________ ammunition tends to consist of small rounds with very high kinetic energy, for which just such motors are suitable.
TungstenArmor-piercing shot and shellShell (projectile)Bullet

Question 9: The simplest way to use mass drivers for spacecraft propulsion would be to build a large mass driver that can accelerate cargo up to ________.
Gravity assistSolar SystemMoonEscape velocity

Question 10: ________ in Toronto (using UTDC's (predecessor) ICTS technology - opened 1985)
Toronto subway and RTSheppard lineBloor–DanforthScarborough RT


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