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Linear discriminant analysis: Quiz


Question 1: LDA is closely related to ________ (analysis of variance) and regression analysis, which also attempt to express one dependent variable as a linear combination of other features or measurements.
Ronald FisherDesign of experimentsAnalysis of varianceMultiple comparisons

Question 2: ________ and probit regression are more similar to LDA, as they also explain a categorical variable.
Logistic regressionGeneralized linear modelBinomial regressionRegression analysis

Question 3: LDA is also closely related to principal component analysis (PCA) and ________ in that both look for linear combinations of variables which best explain the data.
Eigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspaceSAS (software)Factor analysisLinear regression

Question 4: ________ 2289860.
JSTORBibliographic databaseARTstorBodleian Library

Question 5: The linear combinations obtained using Fisher's linear discriminant are called Fisher faces, while those obtained using the related principal component analysis are called ________.
EigenfaceVector spaceEigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspaceMatrix (mathematics)

Question 6: This measure is, in some sense, a measure of the ________ for the class labelling.
Signal-to-noise ratioNoise (electronics)Peak signal-to-noise ratioJohnson–Nyquist noise

Question 7: In this case, several terms cancel and the above decision criterion becomes a threshold on the ________
Dot productEuclidean vectorCross productVector space

Question 8: Linear discriminant analysis (LDA) and the related Fisher's linear discriminant are methods used in statistics and machine learning to find a ________ of features which characterize or separate two or more classes of objects or events.
Vector spaceLinear algebraLinear combinationBasis (linear algebra)

Question 9: In ________, discriminant analysis was once often used to determine the factors which distinguish different types of customers and/or products on the basis of surveys or other forms of collected data.
Marketing managementAdvertisingMarketingBusiness marketing

Question 10: In addition to the examples given below, LDA is applied in positioning, product management, and ________.
Marketing managementMarketing researchAdvertisingBrand management


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