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Question 1: Pre-printed forms were also commonly used (for printing ________, invoices, etc.).

Question 2: Line printers frequently used a variety of discharge ________ and active (corona discharge-based) static eliminators to discharge these accumulated charges.
PaintPaintingBrushFilbert paintbrush

Question 3: The names of the lp and lpr commands in ________ were derived from the term "line printer".
AWKGNU Core UtilitiesMan pageUnix

Question 4: All line printers used ________ provided in boxes of continuous fan-fold forms rather than cut-sheets.
Fourdrinier machinePulp (paper)PaperPapermaking

Question 5: ________ became popular when word processing replaced typewriters.
Laser printerPhotocopierDot matrix printerPrinter (computing)

Question 6: The high-speed motion of the paper often developed large ________ charges.
Lorentz forceMaxwell's equationsElectric chargeElectrostatics

Question 7: Typically, they were driven by ________ mounted on the moving part of the hammer.
Magnetic fieldVoice coilGalvanometerSolenoid

Question 8: Common letters and symbols would appear more often on the chain, according to the ________ of the likely input.
Caesar cipherOne-time padSubstitution cipherFrequency analysis

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