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Question 1: For example, if one were to collect data on the speed of a body at certain points in time, one could visualize the data by a ________ such as the following:
Table (information)Data visualizationWide and Narrow DataVisualization (computer graphics)

Question 2: [1] It is a basic type of ________ common in many fields.
ChartInformation graphicsDiagramStatistical graphics

Question 3: The first argument indicates the ________, usually appearing on the Y-axis, while the second argument indicates the independent variable, usually appearing on the X-axis.
Dependent and independent variablesSociologyVariable (mathematics)Mathematics

Question 4: In the experimental sciences, data collected from experiments are often visualized by a graph that includes an overlaid mathematical function depicting the ________ trend of the scattered data.
Regression analysisInterpolationCurve fittingSpline (mathematics)

Question 5: Further, measurements such as the ________ or the area under the curve can be made visually, leading to more conclusions from the data.
Curl (mathematics)GradientDivergenceDerivative


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