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Question 1: The ________ - a waterway that afforded access to both the Rivers Trent (via the Fossdyke Roman canal at Torksey) and the North Sea via The Wash.
River WithamBoston, LincolnshireRiver TrentLincoln, Lincolnshire

Question 2: It remained in use as a ________ and law court into modern times, and is one of the better preserved castles in England; the Crown Courts continue to this day.
United KingdomUnited StatesCapital punishmentPrison

Question 3: After gaining control of York, the Conqueror turned southwards and arrived at the Roman and ________ city of Lincoln.
ScandinaviaViking AgeVikingDenmark

Question 4: When William the Conqueror defeated ________ and the English at The Battle of Hastings on the 14 October 1066, he continued to face resistance to his rule in the north of England.
Harold GodwinsonCnut the GreatAlfred the GreatEdward the Confessor

Question 5: Lincoln Castle is a major castle constructed in ________ during the late 11th century by William the Conqueror on the site of a pre-existing Roman fortress.
LeicesterDerbyLincoln, LincolnshireNottingham

Question 6: The castle was the focus of attention during the First Battle of Lincoln which occurred on 2 February 1141, during the struggle between King Stephen and ________ over who should be monarch in England.
Henry the Young KingAngevin EmpireEmpress MatildaEdward, the Black Prince

Question 7: This was the period of political struggle which led to the signing of ________ on June 15, 1215.
LawCommon lawShariaMagna Carta

Question 8: As in ________ and other places, the castle was used as a secure site in which to establish a prison.


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