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Question 1: family Apiaceae) seed, palmarosa [Cymbopogon martinii var martinii (Roxb.) Wats., family ________], and sweet orange (Citrus sinensis Osbeck, family Rutaceae) flowers.
MaizePoaceaeFlowering plantRice

Question 2: (R)-linalool is present in lavender (Lavandula officinalis Chaix, family Lamiaceae), laurel (Laurus nobilis, family Lauraceae), and sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum, family ________), among others.
LamiaceaeSavory (genus)VerbenaceaeLemon balm

Question 3: One common downstream product of linalool is ________.
Vitamin ETocopherolFolic acidVitamin C

Question 4: 3S-(+)-linalool is perceived as sweet, floral, petitgrain-like (odor threshold 7.4 ppb) and the 3R-form as more woody and ________-like (odor threshold 0.8 ppb)
LavenderSyriaLavender oilHerbalism


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