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Question 1: This idea was revisited by ________ in 2005 with the Seven Soldiers of Victory project and which he dubbed as a mega-series.
Grant MorrisonGrant Morrison bibliographyAnimal ManThe Invisibles

Question 2: In 1979, in the process of recovering from the ________, DC Comics decided to experiment with a new format to tell stories.
DC ImplosionAquamanShowcase (comics)DC Comics

Question 3: This would be taken further with the twelve-issue Secret Wars saga in 1984 and by DC’s ________ in 1985.
Infinite CrisisCrisis on Infinite EarthsFinal CrisisOne Year Later

Question 4: Many memorable series ran this length, such as Secret Wars, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Watchmen, Amethyst, Princess of Gem World and ________.
Squadron Supreme (Supreme Power)Squadron SupremeMultiverse (Marvel Comics)Earth X

Question 5: Marvel’s ________: Big Town was set to run six issues only to be set back to four issues.
Jack KirbySilver SurferFantastic FourStan Lee

Question 6: A limited series is a ________ series with a set number of installments.
Comic bookGraphic novelAmerican comic bookComics

Question 7: Nowhere was this seen more than with ________, which released many titles between 1975 and 1978, reaching close to 60 monthly ongoing titles.
Vertigo (DC Comics)DC ComicsSuperheroSuperman

Question 8: 3, which went from six to seven issues when writer ________ asked for an extra issue to resolve the ending.
Neil GaimanAmerican GodsNeil Gaiman bibliographyThe Sandman (Vertigo)

Question 9: ________ found difficulty in resolving the finale of Ultimate Six and Marvel granted his request of extending the series from six to seven issues.
Iron Fist (comics)Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)Brian Michael BendisThe New Avengers (comics)

Question 10: Eventually, DC was forced to scale back and cancel more than one half of its titles (see the so-called ________).
DC ComicsShowcase (comics)AquamanDC Implosion

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