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Lime (fruit): Quiz


Question 1:
What genus does Lime (fruit) belong to?

Question 2: Lime juice drink is the essential freshner and is the most popular in Summers.Limes are also an essential element in ________.
Indian Chinese cuisineAssamese cuisineTamil cuisineIndian cuisine

Question 3: They are usually smaller than lemons, and a source of ________.
Vitamin C megadosageVitamin B12Folic acidVitamin C

Question 4: In ________, lime is valued both for the acidity of its juice and the floral aroma of its zest.

Question 5: It is also used for its ________ properties in ceviche.
Smoking (cooking)Fermentation (food)PicklingCuring (food preservation)

Question 6: The use of dried limes (called black lime or loomi) as a flavouring is typical of ________ and Iraqi cuisine, as well as in Gulf-style baharat (a spice mixture that is also called kabsa or kebsa).
Afghan cuisineArab cuisineTurkish cuisineIranian cuisine

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