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Limbic system: Quiz


Question 1: To cure severe emotional disorders, this connection was sometimes surgically severed, a procedure of ________, called a prefrontal lobotomy (this is actually a misnomer).

Question 2: The limbic system includes many structures in the cerebral cortex and sub-cortex of the ________.
Nervous systemSensory systemBrainDigestion

Question 3: ________:[3][4][5] Required for the formation of long-term memories and implicated in maintenance of cognitive maps for navigation.
Dentate gyrusCingulate gyrusHippocampusCerebrum

Question 4: Limbic-________ (LHPA axis)
Adrenal glandHypothalamusHypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axisEndocrine system

Question 5: ________:[3][5] Regulates the autonomic nervous system via hormone production and release.
Posterior pituitaryHypothalamusPituitary glandPineal gland

Question 6: ________: Required for decision making.
Cingulate cortexFrontal lobeOrbitofrontal cortexAnterior cingulate cortex

Question 7: ________:[3][4][5] Involved in signaling the cortex of motivationally significant stimuli such as those related to reward and fear in addition to social functions such as mating.
Anterior olfactory nucleusOlfactory bulbAmygdalaHippocampal formation

Question 8: However, this almost immediately ran into trouble when damage to the ________, a primary limbic structure, was shown to result in severe cognitive (memory) deficits.
CerebrumHippocampusDentate gyrusCingulate gyrus

Question 9: However, recent studies of the limbic system of ________ have challenged some long-held tenets of forebrain evolution.

Question 10: It is highly interconnected with the nucleus accumbens, the brain's pleasure center, which plays a role in ________ and the "high" derived from certain recreational drugs.
OrgasmClitorisSexual arousalPenis

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