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Question 1: It was the first feature length movie to be created entirely with ________ animation.
Adobe After EffectsAdobe DreamweaverAdobe Flash PlayerAdobe Flash

Question 2: We both know you don't have any friends."), his mother discovers them and agrees to disguise herself as a prostitute in order to lure the two policemen into giving her the keys to the ________.
United KingdomCity and town hallsManchesterCity

Question 3: After this incident the boy's mother goes in search of him, first directed to a ________ and informed by Sweet Chiffon of a "nasty midget" closely resembling her son and then to the Playground.
Stonewall riotsViolence against LGBT peopleGay barGay village

Question 4: Lil' Pimp at the ________
Amazon.comCDNOWBox Office MojoInternet Movie Database

Question 5: In the end, Fruit Juice turns his bar into a ________ also named "the Playground" but less sexually explicit.
PennsylvaniaShoot-the-ChutesLog flume (attraction)Amusement park

Question 6: Lil' Pimp was an episodic webcomic on until ________.

Question 7: The film was released straight to ________, and was immediately criticised due to stereotypical depictions of certain groups.
DVDBlu-ray DiscLaserdiscHD DVD

Question 8: It was postponed again to October 24, 2003, after which it was removed entirely from Sony's theatrical schedule and was released straight to ________.
DVDLaserdiscBlu-ray DiscHD DVD

Question 9: The film was the first one to be created entirely in ________ animation.
Adobe DreamweaverAdobe After EffectsAdobe FlashAdobe Flash Player

Question 10: Lil' Pimp is a 2005 feature length, black comedy ________ film.
Animated cartoonTraditional animationAnimationStop motion

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