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Question 1: [44] It is sometimes associated with ________, but unlike lightning flashes, which last only a fraction of a second, ball lightning reportedly lasts many seconds.
Precipitation (meteorology)Severe weatherMeteorologyThunderstorm

Question 2: Sprites were first photographed on July 6, 1989 by scientists from the ________ and have since been witnessed tens of thousands of times.
University of MinnesotaMichigan State UniversityUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonUniversity of Michigan

Question 3:
What role did Lightning play in the movie When Lightning Strikes?
Marshall Jack Stevens
Lightning, Matt's Dog
Jim Caldwell

Question 4: The ________ god Indra is considered the God of rains and lightning and the king of the Devtas in Hindu mythology.

Question 5: This initial phase involves a relatively small ________ (tens or hundreds of amperes), and the leader is almost invisible when compared with the subsequent lightning channel.
Magnetic fieldElectric chargeMaxwell's equationsElectric current

Question 6: The name of ________'s most celebrated thoroughbred horse, Phar Lap, derives from the shared Zhuang and Thai word for lightning.
AustraliaNauruNew ZealandUnited Kingdom

Question 7: This compresses the surrounding clear air and creates a supersonic shock wave which decays to an ________ wave that is heard as thunder.
OpticsClassical mechanicsPhysicsAcoustics

Question 8: The ambient electric fields required for lightning leader propagation can be one or two ________ less than the electrical breakdown strength.
Orders of magnitude (length)Order of magnitudeOrders of magnitude (temperature)Orders of magnitude (numbers)

Question 9: ________ are frequent conductors of lightning to the ground.

Question 10: A particularly deadly lightning incident occurred in ________, Italy in 1769.
Lonato del GardaBresciaSirmioneDesenzano del Garda

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