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Question 1: In China, the medieval ________ at Canton had a minaret that served as a lighthouse.
IslamMuslim historyMuslim worldMosque

Question 2:
Who played Paul Hansen the movie Lighthouse?
Ryan Michael
Ryan Michael
Don Castle
Don Warrington

Question 3:
What role did Ian Forsyth play in the movie Lighthouse?
Hank Armitage
Sam Wells

Question 4: The first one was erected on Furuholmen’s lighthouse between ________ and Vaxholm.

Question 5:
Who played Prison Officer Hopkins the movie Lighthouse?
Richard Bailey
James Purefoy
Peter McCabe
Don Castle

Question 6:
Who played Quimby, insurance adjustor the movie Lighthouse?
Charles Wagenheim
Christopher Adamson
Ric Reid
Charles Wagenheim

Question 7: The Lighthouse itself consists of a ________ structure supporting the lantern room where the light operates.

Question 8:
Who played Prison Officer Ian Goslet the movie Lighthouse?
Christopher Adamson
Don Castle
Don Warrington
Paul Brooke

Question 9:
What role did Ric Reid play in the movie Lighthouse?
Boyd McDaniel
Sam Wells

Question 10:
What role did Rod Menzies play in the movie Lighthouse?
Lynn's Friend
Richard Spader
Paul Hansen
Prison Officer Ian Goslet

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