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Question 1: Scattering of light or other ________ is the deflection of rays in random directions by irregularities in the propagation medium, or in a surface or interface between two media.
Maxwell's equationsElectromagnetic radiationClassical electromagnetismElectromagnetism

Question 2: Light propagating through an optical system can be ________ by absorption, reflection and scattering.
Transparency and translucencyInverse-square lawOptical fiberAttenuation

Question 3: These predictions were confirmed by experiments on commercial glasses and glass ________, where mean free paths were apparently limited by "internal boundary scattering" to length scales of 10 - 100 micrometers.
Ceramic materialsCeramicCeramic engineeringSolid

Question 4: In this interpretation, modulated phonons "relax" towards local thermal equilibrium via an________ phonon-phonon collisions.
Perfect fourthUnisonHarmonicOctave

Question 5: The light wave is considered to be scattered by the density maximum or amplitude of the acoustic phonon, in the same manner that ________ are scattered by the crystal planes in a solid.
Nuclear fusionRadiation therapyX-rayIonizing radiation

Question 6: In monatomic systems, we call these waves: ________ fluctuations.

Question 7: Klemens subsequently emphasized that heat transport in ________ solids occurs through elastic vibrations of the lattice, and that this transport is limited by elastic scattering of acoustic phonons by lattice defects (e.g.
PermittivityMaxwell's equationsMetamaterialDielectric

Question 8: The interaction consists of an ________ scattering process in which a phonon is either created or annihilated.
Elasticity (economics)Supply and demandMarket structureEconomics

Question 9: The velocities of longitudinal acoustic phonons in condensed matter are directly responsible for the thermal conductivity which levels out temperature differentials between ________ and expanded volume elements.
Ideal gasAerodynamicsCompressibilityBernoulli's principle

Question 10: The transmission of various frequencies of light is essential for applications ranging from window glass to fiber optic transmission cables and ________ (IR) heat-seeking missile detection systems.
Electromagnetic spectrumUltravioletX-rayInfrared


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