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Question 1: Light cavalry was used infrequently by the Greeks and Romans (though Roman auxiliaries were often mounted), but were popular among the armies and hordes of ________.
SiberiaMiddle EastCentral AsiaSouth Asia

Question 2: European examples of light cavalry included stradiots, hobelars, hussars, chasseurs à cheval, ________, chevau-légers and some dragoons.
Bohdan KhmelnytskyCossacksZaporozhian CossacksKuban Cossacks

Question 3: The ________, Turks, Mongols and Hungarians were all adept light cavalrymen and horse archers.
Attila the HunHunsByzantine EmpireBulgars

Question 4: With the decline of feudalism and knighthood in ________, light cavalry became more prominent in the armies of the continent.
EuropeWestern EuropeBalkansEastern Europe

Question 5: During the ________ between the Arabians and the Europeans, Light Cavalry were often used as foot-troops; the first of the military lines to charge into the conflict.
CrusadesCounter-ReformationEast–West SchismFirst seven Ecumenical Councils

Question 6: Partly because of this, the Roman General ________ recruited his own cavalry from Sicily before his invasion of Tunisia during the Second Punic War.
Scipio AfricanusCornelia (gens)Cato the ElderHannibal

Question 7: Light cavalry refers to lightly-armed and armored troops mounted on horses, as opposed to ________, where the riders (and sometimes the horses) are heavily armored.
Heavy cavalryCuirassierCataphractKnight

Question 8: The missions of the light cavalry were primarily reconnaissance, screening, skirmishing, raiding, and most importantly, communications, and were usually armed with spears, swords, bows and later ________.
HandgunFirearmSemi-automatic pistolBrowning Hi-Power

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