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  • Chicago's Crown Fountain (pictured) displays LED images of faces, which typically create the illusion of puckered lips spouting water?

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Question 1: The team used metal-coated ________ wafers with a built-in reflective layer of zirconium nitride to lessen the overall production cost of the LED.

Question 2: What does the following picture show?

  High-power light emiting diodes (Luxeon, Lumileds)
  LED daytime running lights of Audi A4
  Red, yellow and green (unlit) LEDs used in a traffic signal in Sweden.
  Printhead of an Oki LED printer

Question 3: Because LEDs can cycle on and off millions of times per second, they can, in effect, become wireless routers for ________ transport.
StatisticsStatistical graphicsExperimentData

Question 4: There are several types of multi-colored white LEDs: di-, tri-, and ________ white LEDs.
TrichromacyColor visionTetrachromacyColor blindness

Question 5: [47] As the photosensitivity of microorganisms approximately matches the absorption spectrum of ________, with a peak at about 260 nm, UV LED emitting at 250–270 nm are to be expected in prospective disinfection and sterilization devices.

Question 6: A ring of LEDs around a video camera, aimed forward into a retroreflective background, allows ________ in video productions.
Chroma keyCompositingVirtual realitySimulated reality

Question 7: If several phosphor layers of distinct colors are applied, the emitted spectrum is broadened, effectively increasing the ________ (CRI) value of a given LED.
Standard illuminantColor temperatureColor rendering indexLab color space

Question 8: In 2008, a materials science research team at ________ succeeded in producing LED bulbs with a substitute for the sapphire components.
Ohio State UniversityIndiana University (Bloomington)Purdue UniversityMichigan State University

Question 9: In ________ for measuring oxygen saturation.
Arterial blood gasHemoglobinPulse oximetryPulse oximeter

Question 10: Many commercial LEDs, especially GaN/InGaN, also use ________ substrate.

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