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Ligamentous laxity: Quiz


Question 1: The trait is almost certainly ________, and is usually something the affected person would just be aware of, rather than a serious medical condition.
Most recent common ancestorMatrilinealityHeredityGenealogy

Question 2: There are some advantages to having lax ligaments, and joints that often have a wider range of movement - ________ people almost by definition have overly lax ligaments.
HypermobilityOsteoarthritisArthritisAnkylosing spondylitis

Question 3: However, if there is widespread laxity of other connective tissue, then this may be a sign of ________.
Osteogenesis imperfectaEhlers-Danlos syndromeAlport syndromeEpidermolysis bullosa dystrophica

Question 4: Both anomalies are thought to have a common origin in an abnormality in ________ number fifteen.
Chromosomal translocationAutosomeKaryotypeChromosome

Question 5: An interesting genetic association has been made between joint laxity and ________.
Generalized anxiety disorderSocial anxiety disorderAnxiety disorderMajor depressive disorder

Question 6: ________ (Protrusio acetabuli, Coxa valga, Coxa vara)
Human legLower limbHipKnee

Question 7: Unlike other, more pervasive diseases, the diagnosis does not require the presence of loose tendons, ________ or blood vessels, hyperlax skin or other connective tissue problems.
FasciaMuscleTorsoHead and neck anatomy

Question 8: shoulder (Winged scapula, Adhesive capsulitis, ________, Subacromial bursitis)
Baker's cystAchilles tendon ruptureDupuytren's contractureRotator cuff tear

Question 9: In The Ankle: Those who have this disease may experience ________ more frequently than other people.
Anterior cruciate ligament injuryWhiplash (medicine)Dislocated shoulderSprained ankle


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