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Question 1: The first full-size model to come out of Reed's program was the ________, an unpowered craft made of wood.
Northrop M2-F3Northrop HL-10Northrop M2-F2NASA M2-F1

Question 2: NASA's refinements of the lifting body concept began in 1962 with Dale Reed of ________'s Dryden Flight Research Center.
NASASpace RaceHuman spaceflightSpace exploration

Question 3: ________
Kennedy Space CenterNASANorthrop HL-10HL-20 Personnel Launch System

Question 4: Since the M2-F1 was a glider, a small ________ was added in order to extend the landing envelope.
Jet engineRocket engineRocket engine nozzleStirling engine

Question 5: The ________ produces 30% of the total lift from the fuselage, almost as much as the 35% each of the wings produces.
Short SC.7 SkyvanShort 360C-23 SherpaShort 330

Question 6: A lifting body is an ________ configuration in which the body itself produces lift.
Business jetDouble-deck aircraftAircraftWide-body aircraft

Question 7: Much of the general public had never heard of nor seen anything about these lifting body designs until watching the 1970s television show ________.
The Six Million Dollar ManSteve Austin (fictional character)The Bionic WomanCyborg (novel)

Question 8: The Discovery Channel TV series conjectured using lifting bodies to deliver a probe to a distant earth-like planet in the computer animated ________.
Darwin IVIsaac NewtonAlien PlanetPhotovoltaics

Question 9: In 1921 pioneering aviator and aircraft designer Vincent Justus Burnelli patented the simple concept of an ________ shaped airframe to increase the lift and load capacity of aircraft.
AirfoilStall (flight)Lift (force)Wingtip device

Question 10: The successor ________ added a third (central) vertical stabilizer to the aerodynamically flawed M2-F2 design in an attempt to correct the flow separation instabilities.
Northrop M2-F3X-4 BantamNorthrop HL-10Northrop M2-F2


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