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Life Time: Quiz


Question 1: The album was produced by ________, well-known in the genre of hardcore punk for his work with Minor Threat and as co-owner of the Dischord record label.
FugaziIan MacKayeBrendan CantyGuy Picciotto

Question 2: Life Time is the first full-length studio album from Rollins Band, fronted by ex-Black Flag singer, ________.
Keith MorrisHenry RollinsKira RoesslerDez Cadena

Question 3: MacKaye was also a childhood friend of Rollins, who acted as a roadie for MacKaye's band ________.
Punk rockHardcore punkIan MacKayeThe Teen Idles

Question 4: It was originally released in 1987 and included four live tracks recorded in Kortrijk, ________ in October, 1987.
SpainUnited KingdomDenmarkBelgium

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