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Life Insurance Corporation of India: Quiz


Question 1: LIC Lanka: A joint venture company formed in 2003 with the Bartleet Group of Companies, ________.
MalaysiaPakistanMaldivesSri Lanka

Question 2: LIC Nepal: A joint venture company formed in 2001 with the Vishal Group of Industries, ________.

Question 3: Over its existence of around 50 years, Life Insurance Corporation of India, which commanded a ________ of soliciting and selling life insurance in India, created huge surpluses, and contributed around 7 % of India's GDP in 2006.
Natural monopolyBarriers to entryMonopolyCompetition law

Question 4: In the ensuing investigations, one of India's wealthiest businessmen, Ram Kishan Dalmia, owner of the ________ newspaper, was sent to prison for two years.
Navbharat TimesThe Economic TimesThe Times of IndiaRadio Mirchi

Question 5: The Oriental Life Insurance Company, the first corporate entity in India offering life insurance coverage, was established in ________ in 1818 by Bipin Behari Dasgupta and others.

Question 6: It witnessed, India's First War of Independence, adverse effects of the World War I and World War II on the economy of India, and in between them the period of world wide economic crises triggered by the ________.
Great DepressionUnited StatesFederal Reserve SystemRepublican Party (United States)

Question 7: The aggregate effect of these events led to a high rate of ________ and liquidation of life insurance companies in India.
Bond (finance)DebtInsolvencyBankruptcy


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