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Question 1: In 1954, Capa was killed while working for the magazine while covering the ________ after stepping on a landmine.
First Indochina WarHo Chi MinhVietnam WarChiang Kai-shek

Question 2: It featured some of the greatest writers, editors and cartoonists of its era, including Charles Dana Gibson, Norman Rockwell and ________.
Harry OliverLos AngelesDesert Rat Scrap BookDesert Center, California

Question 3: ________’s first cover for Life, "Tain’t You", was published May 10, 1917.
Norman RockwellFranklin D. RooseveltFour Freedoms (Norman Rockwell)Lyndon B. Johnson

Question 4: Life was not around when ________ and Time Warner announced their $183 billion merger, the largest corporate merger in history, which was finalized in January 2001.
JapanNetscapeUnited StatesAOL

Question 5: Mitchell and Gibson were incensed when Germany attacked ________; in 1914 they undertook a campaign to push America into the war.
SpainBelgiumDenmarkUnited Kingdom

Question 6: ________ had spurred changing tastes among the magazine-reading public.
Caucasus CampaignWorld War IArmenian GenocideWestern Front (World War I)

Question 7: Later that year, its parent company, ________, struck a deal with the Tribune Company for Times Mirror magazines that included Golf, Ski, Skiing, Field & Stream, and Yachting.
Warner Bros.Time WarnerMidway GamesTed Turner

Question 8: On November 18, 2008, ________ began hosting an archive of the magazine's photographs, as part of a joint effort with Life.
Google LatitudeAndroid (operating system)GoogleGoogle Variations

Question 9: ________ was firmly in power in Germany.
Nazi PartyNazi GermanyAdolf HitlerSchutzstaffel

Question 10: The prestigious award paid tribute to the stunning photos coming out of the war in ________, such as Henri Huet’s riveting series of a wounded medic that were published in January 1966.
Southeast AsiaPhilippinesMalaysiaSingapore

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