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Question 1: Unlike the United States Navy, personnel in the ________ and other Commonwealth navies addressing a Lieutenant-Commander do not abbreviate the rank to "Commander".
Royal NavyHMS Ark Royal (R07)HMS Ocean (L12)HMS Illustrious (R06)

Question 2: Throughout much of its existence, the British ________ (ROC) maintained a rank of Observer Lieutenant Commander (Obs Lt Cdr).
Hugh Dowding, 1st Baron DowdingRoyal Observer CorpsRAF Fighter CommandNo. 11 Group RAF

Question 3: The corresponding rank in most armies (armed services) and air forces is Major, and in the ________ and other Commonwealth air forces is Squadron Leader.
British ArmyBritish Armed ForcesRoyal Air ForceLuftwaffe

Question 4: Lieutenants were commonly put in command of smaller vessels not warranting a Commander or Captain: such a Lieutenant was called a "Lieutenant Commanding" or "Lieutenant Commandant" in the United States Navy, and a "Lieutenant in Command", "Lieutenant and Commander", or "Senior Lieutenant" in the ________.
HMS Ocean (L12)HMS Illustrious (R06)HMS Ark Royal (R07)Royal Navy

Question 5: The rank is superior to a Lieutenant and subordinate to a ________.
Second LieutenantMilitary rankSergeantCommander

Question 6: The corresponding rank in the ________ is Lieutenant Captain, while the Brazilian Navy uses Corvette Captain.
Portuguese EmpirePortuguese NavyPortugalSpain

Question 7: Lieutenant Commander (also hyphenated Lieutenant-Commander; pronounced Lef-tenant in the Royal Navy, Irish and ________ navies)[1] is a commissioned officer rank in many navies.
United KingdomAustraliaCommonwealthUnited States

Question 8: A Lieutenant Commander is a senior department officer on a large ________ or shore installation.
ShipFeluccaHerring BussFishing vessel


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