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Question 1: Middleton, Richard (1990), Studying Popular Music, Philadelphia: ________ (published 2002), ISBN 0-335-15275-9 .
PlattsMcGraw-HillStandard & Poor'sWRTV

Question 2: In ________ genres such as rock music, a lick is "a stock pattern or phrase" (Middleton 1990, p. 137) consisting of a short series of notes that is used in solos and melodic lines.
Thirty-two-bar formPopular musicMusical formSong structure (popular music)

Question 3: The term is most often used by rock musicians who play the ________.
Electric guitarClassical guitarGuitarBass guitar

Question 4: A lick is different from the related concept of a riff in that riffs can also include repeated ________.
Andalusian cadenceTwelve-bar bluesChord progressionChord (music)

Question 5: A lick can be a hook, if the lick meets the definition of a hook: "a ________ idea, a passage or phrase, that is believed to be appealing and make the song stand out", and "catch the ear of the listener" (Covach 2005, p.71).
Classical musicMusic theoryMusicMusical notation

Question 6: Single-line riffs or licks used as the basis of Western classical music pieces are called ________.
Ostinato20th-century musicJazzBlues

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