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Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114: Quiz


Question 1: The 30 member nations of the ________ (ICAO) voted to censure Israel for the attack.
AirportOneworldAir traffic controlInternational Civil Aviation Organization

Question 2: The aircraft was piloted by a mostly French crew (captain and flight engineer; the co-pilot was Libyan) under a contractual arrangement between ________ and Libyan Arab Airlines.
Aigle AzurAir FranceCCM AirlinesAir Tahiti Nui

Question 3: Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114 was a regularly-scheduled flight from Tripoli to Cairo via ________.
BenghaziAl Jabal al Akhdar DistrictAl Jfara DistrictAl Butnan District

Question 4: The ________ (IDF) were on high alert at the time.
Israel Defense ForcesLebanese Armed ForcesIsraeli Air ForceMilitary Police Corps (Israel)

Question 5: Sinai had been occupied by Israel in the 1967 ________.
1948 Arab–Israeli War2006 Lebanon WarYom Kippur WarSix-Day War

Question 6: By now pushed by strong tailwinds, the aircraft had drifted east considerably, and was flying over the ________.
Suez CanalCairoSuez CrisisEgypt

Question 7: As the airliner cruised high over northern ________, a large sandstorm below forced the crew to rely completely on instrument navigation.

Question 8: Two minutes later, two ________ F-4 fighters were scrambled to investigate and intercepted the airliner at 13:59.
Military Police Corps (Israel)Israeli Air ForceIsrael Defense ForcesOperation Entebbe

Question 9: After a brief stop at ________ in eastern Libya, Flight 114 continued en route to Cairo with 113 people on board.
BenghaziAl Jabal al Akhdar DistrictAl Butnan DistrictTripoli


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