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Question 1:
What type of government does Libya have?

Question 2: However, the northern regions enjoy a milder ________.
Oceanic climateMediterranean SeaMediterranean climateKöppen climate classification

Question 3:
What is the population of Libya?

Question 4:
Which of the following lead to the establishment of Libya?
Recognized as Christian Kingdom n- First king: Stephen I of Hungary
Independence from the United Kingdom
From United Kingdom & France under United Nations Trusteeship

Question 5: What does the following picture show?

  Map of Libya
  The Jabal Al Akdhar Annual rainfall averages at between 400 and 600 millimetres (15.7 and 23.6 in).[66]
  Aristippus was a pupil of Socrates, and was one of several native Cyrenean philosophers. At its heyday, Cyrene was one of the greatest intellectual and artistic centers of the Greek world.
  The Roman theatre at Sabrtha attests to a prosperous region with cultural amenities found in other corners of the Roman Empire.

Question 6: What does the following picture show?

  A map indicating the ethnic composition of Libya
  Gadaffi and Tito; Gadaffi's revolution has espoused Socialism and Pan-Arabism in the past.
  U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with Libyan National Security Adviser Mutassim Qadhafi.
  Satellite image of Libya, generated from raster graphics data supplied by The Map Library

Question 7: Of this group, approximately 9,000 persons were from the Former Palestine, 3,200 from Sudan, 2,500 from Somalia and 1,100 from ________.

Question 8:
When was Libya established?

Question 9:
What % of the area of Libya is water?

Question 10: Six other Libyans were put on trial in absentia for the 1989 bombing of UTA Flight 772 over ________ and Niger.
MauritaniaChadDjiboutiCentral African Republic

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