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Question 1: The Mithraeum was an underground temple for worship of the god ________.
Marcus AureliusAxial precession (astronomy)TauroctonyMithraic Mysteries

Question 2: The editors at the Library of Alexandria are especially well known for their work on ________ texts.
Classical antiquityAncient GreeceTroyHomer

Question 3: William Cherf argued that this scenario had all the ingredients of a ________ and in turn set fire to the docks and then the library, destroying it.
FirebombingStrategic bombing during World War IICoventry BlitzFirestorm

Question 4: It was at the Library of Alexandria that the ________ was first conceived and put into practice, and its empirical standards applied in one of the first and certainly strongest homes for serious textual criticism.
PseudoscienceScienceScientific methodRelationship between religion and science

Question 5: Generally thought to have been founded at the beginning of the third century BC, the library was conceived and opened either during the reign of ________ or during the reign of his son Ptolemy II.
Cleopatra VIIPtolemy II PhiladelphusPtolemy XIII Theos PhilopatorPtolemy I Soter

Question 6: Plutarch's ________, written at the end of the first or beginning of the second century, describes a battle in which Caesar was forced to burn his own ships:
Parallel LivesCiceroDemosthenesJulius Caesar

Question 7: Several historians told varying accounts of an Arab army led by ________ sacking the city in 642 after the Byzantine army was defeated at the Battle of Heliopolis.
'Amr ibn al-'AsRashidun CaliphateKhalid ibn al-WalidAbu Bakr

Question 8: ________'s Fire in The Alexandrian War, in 48 BC
Lucius Cornelius SullaPompeyRoman RepublicJulius Caesar

Question 9: The ancient accounts by Plutarch,[10] Aulus Gellius[11], ________, and Orosius agree that Caesar accidentally burned the library down during his visit to Alexandria in 48 BC.
Julian the ApostateAmmianus MarcellinusConstantius IISassanid Empire

Question 10: According to the earliest source of information, the pseudepigraphic Letter of Aristeas, the library was initially organized by Demetrius of Phaleron,[3] a student of ________, under the reign of Ptolemy Soter.
EmpiricismPlatoBertrand RussellAristotle

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