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Liberalization: Quiz


Question 1: In the arena of social policy it may refer to a relaxation of laws restricting for example divorce, ________, homosexuality or drugs.
Fetal rightsAbortionAbortion lawAbortifacient

Question 2: Although economic liberalization is often associated with ________, the two can be quite separate processes.
Private finance initiativeDeregulationCapitalismPrivatization

Question 3: Liberalization of autocratic regimes may precede democratization (or not, as in the case of the ________).
Eastern BlocComeconIron CurtainPrague Spring

Question 4: Liberalization is one of three focal points (the others being privatization and stabilization) of the ________'s trinity strategy for economies in transition.
Washington ConsensusMexicoNeoliberalismArgentina

Question 5: In some cases they may remain legal ________ at least for some part of the market (e.g.
Competition lawNatural monopolyMonopolyBarriers to entry

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