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Question 1: Liberalism encompasses several intellectual trends and traditions, but the dominant variants are ________, which became popular in the 18th century, and social liberalism, which became popular in the 20th century.
David HumeClassical liberalismObjectivism (Ayn Rand)Anarchism

Question 2: The early waves of liberalism expanded ________ and parliamentary government, popularized economic individualism, and established a clear distinction between religious and political authority.
ConstitutionUnited KingdomLawDemocracy

Question 3: Some major liberal parties in the region continue, however, to align themselves with social liberal ideas and policies—a notable case being the Colombian Liberal Party, which is a member of the ________.
CyprusSocialist InternationalMarxismLabour Party

Question 4: Continentally, liberals are organized through the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats, which includes powerful parties such the Liberal Party in the Philippines, the ________ in Taiwan, and the Democrat Party in Thailand.
Centre Party (Finland)Democratic Progressive PartyLiberal ForumCivic Democratic Alliance

Question 5: The First World War proved a major challenge for liberal democracies, although they ultimately defeated the dictatorial states of the ________.
Balkans Campaign (World War I)Serbian Campaign (World War I)Central PowersWorld War I

Question 6: The enormous success of the Liberals—virtually unmatched in any other ________—has prompted many political commentators over time to identify them as the nation's natural governing party.
NeoliberalismRadicalism (historical)Liberal democracyLiberalism

Question 7: [22] In the 16th century, the ________ developed from sentiments that viewed the Church as an oppressive ruling order too involved in the feudal and baronial structure of European society.
Counter-ReformationCrusadesProtestant ReformationEast–West Schism

Question 8: [140] The Liberals in Australia support ________ as well as social conservatism.
Friedrich von HayekLibertarianismFree marketAnarcho-capitalism

Question 9: The ________, pitting the heirs of a revolutionary state against the old monarchies of Europe, started in 1805 and lasted for a decade.
First French EmpireGrande ArméeNapoleon INapoleonic Wars

Question 10: Liberalism (from the Latin liberalis, "of freedom"[1]) is the belief in the importance of ________ and equal rights.
CulturePropertyHuman rightsLiberty

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