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Liberal movements within Islam: Quiz


Question 1: "Can Islam change?", Ziauddin Sardar, ________, 13 September 2004
The EconomistGrantaNew StatesmanPrivate Eye

Question 2: ________ is another key tenet of Liberal Muslims, who are generally open to interfaith dialogue and conflict resolution with such communities as Jews, Christians, Hindus, and the numerous factions within Islam.

Question 3: The individual use of ________ (interpretation) and fitrah (natural sense of right and wrong) is advocated.

Question 4: However, this approach has led to criticism of the reformist Muslim liberals for relatively muted criticism of some acts by Muslim extremists, including ________.
Al-QaedaTerrorismIslamic terrorismPakistan and state terrorism

Question 5: Some Muslim feminists are also opposed to the traditional dress requirements for women (commonly called ________), claiming that any modest clothing is sufficiently Islamic for both men and women.

Question 6: As such, they believe in the basic tenets of Islam, such as the Six Elements of Belief and the ________.
HajjFive Pillars of IslamMuhammadMosque

Question 7: These movements share a philosophy that depends largely on ________[4] or re-interpretation of traditional texts and laws.

Question 8: ________ on Islamic liberalism under fire in India, published in the Boston Review
Martha NussbaumAristotlePlatoImmanuel Kant

Question 9: This thinking may have a precedent in the traditions of ________ and Islamic mysticism [8][9].
Moinuddin ChishtiTariqahSufismDhikr

Question 10: However, this issue remains controversial; see ________.
MosqueWomen as imamsIslamSharia

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